September 16, 2009

Culver City Football Project

Filmmaker Aleks Munoz told me that life is all about "The Three F's"; family, film, and football! This past summer I returned to the field that raised me and began following my old (Culver City) high school football team as they began their 2009 season. I don't know what the end result of this project's going to be, all I know is I'm having a fun. Here's the hellweek trailer I cut last month:

September 4, 2009

The "Hug Song" Video Dir. by Zia Moharjerjasbi

Best memorial video ever! One of my favorite filmmakers Zia Mohajerjasbi made this piece for the memorial service of a close friend. A wise man taught me that good art comes down to: form, content, context. This piece highlights the importance of... context. If you've ever lost a loved one, take yourself back to their funeral and then through your tears you watch this. Brilliant!

Keep settin the bar Zia!