December 12, 2012

Video from Smithsonian Screening

Here's a video recap of Jake's PBS office show and the Life On Four Strings screening at the Smithsonian in DC!

December 4, 2012

DC Premiere at The Smithsonian

 photo c25224d5-c129-4d2e-be54-ac75dfc910cc_zps21b27cc1.jpg
(Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)

The Washington DC premiere of Life on Four Strings was presented by the Smithsonian Asian Pacific American Center, Center for Asian American Media (CAAM) and Pacific Islanders in Communication (PIC). All partners of the film came to D.C. for this special event including Leanne Ferrer from PIC (Honolulu) and Stephen Gong from CAAM (San Francisco). Jake added an extra day to his East Coast tour so he could attend the event.

 photo 2012-12-03070414_zps41eb38e9.jpg
The day started early with a special visit to Eastern High School where Jake talked about the ukulele and demonstrated it’s power. The students requested he play his cover of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”…twice!

 photo 67ee1642-84b1-49b7-84af-daf7519a61f0_zpsc2b4cca2.jpg
We then headed over to the National PBS Headquarters in Arlington, VA.

 photo 240941b8-f397-4321-b0d6-c12163715f6e_zps64ce9141.jpg
PBS staffers crowded in the lobby to see Jake perform. Department meeting or free concert, which one would you pick?

 photo 7f42bfe1-9ac6-49ae-9b3b-41a1cd2192a5_zpsfde42e2b.jpg
Don Young (Producer of Life on Four Strings) and I took Jake to experience Shake Shack for the first time. It's hands down my favorite burger joint and Jake was not disappointed. When I first met Jake he was a gluten free health freak and now look at him.

 photo bc10af8a-5242-4228-a94b-824ee1d5b0c1_zps2745ec68.jpg

 photo 8244924969_e6ec6ed4b6_z_zpsea393330.jpg
People packed the theater at the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian. There was a great energy in the room the whole night, the DC crowd was one the most lively audiences we have had so far. The film was followed by a wonderful performance by Jake and a Q&A session moderated by CAAM board member Christine Chen.
(Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)

 photo 2545df18-0758-4b63-be8d-ac79a45ecbed_zps09bf69b3.jpg
Director of the Smithsonian Asian and Pacific American Center Konrad Ng (who also happens to be President Obama’s brother-in-law) welcomed the audience.
(Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)

 photo 8c3340d3-0286-4f64-8fec-8017f35c1873_zpse6a45cac.jpg
Leanne Ferrer from Pacific Islanders In Communication introduced the film. (Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)

 photo 8244930835_ba8ab0fa68_b_zps0bdfdab5.jpg
Following the film, Jake broke out his uke and his vest for the audience. (Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)

 photo fb9fd707-3b16-470c-af61-2823b479f422_zpse595ead2.jpg

CAAM Board member Christine Chen moderated a real fun Q&A. I thought it might rain on stage so I wore my waterproof vans, Jake wore his waterproof pants.  (Photo by Smithsonian APA Center)