August 12, 2011

Please support The Park's Finest new restaurant!

This is huge for our community! I've been down with these folks since I was a teenager and their dedication to us can't be matched. Please, please put something down for The Park's Finest! Click here and donate as much as you can. Thanks!

Justin Lin on Wayne Wang

You know what Asian American cinema need? Beef! Let's make it interesting. Personal rivalries, West Coast/ East Coast, Northern Cali/ So Cal, old school/ new school. Speaking of which, Justin Lin just roasted Wayne Wang, but in a very respectful Asian way. Read the whole thing here.

"I’m ready to put my own dream aside to please you. My agent is already calling Amy Tan’s people...Thank you, Wayne. You complete me as an Asian American. I love you, my Tiger Mom!" - Justin Lin

August 5, 2011

Jake on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jake was in town for the Jimmy Kimmel show on Monday. We got to tag along and cover some of the behind the scenes for the film. Jimmy Kimmel Live! is recorded earlier in the day and therefore not live.

It was fun watching Jake do his thang on national TV.