January 21, 2013

Seattle Asian American Film Festival

 photo 35960ad6-2957-4423-b7b1-9329315e33fb_zpsf09fa729.jpg

After a six year break the Seattle Asian American Film Festival returned this year to the Wing Luke Museum. Life on Four Strings was screened for the first time in Seattle to a sold out audience. Since many people were not able to purchase tickets in time we hope to screen bring the film to Seattle again soon. The screening was co-sponsored by the Seattle Ukulele Players Association (SUPA).

 photo f33c8518-95a0-4516-8938-fa41acadd5b6_zps74957c76.jpg
The SAAFF poster featuring Life on Four Strings was spotted in many local businesses in the International District.

 photo fb5c0e16-e5b4-432e-a5f5-f1cb0466c0f8_zps7d214b60.jpg
Thanks to everyone who came out to the screening!

 photo 0294ffec-312e-4865-aaa8-585999fbb0f3_zps9fd130aa.jpg
Co-Directors of SAAFF Vanessa Au and Kevin Bang

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Went to the Blue Scholars/The Physics studio for a Rappers W/ Cameras kick back.

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Geo and B.

 photo e856af8f-4d60-4cb6-aa8f-725eba82856f_zps5dd5d343.jpg
LA in the building! ...Bambu...

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Life of Sabzi

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Cindy enjoyed her first time in The Town.

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Pike’s Place Chowder was just one of the many food spots we hit up.

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Beautiful Pacific Northwest sunset

January 15, 2013

PBS Press Tour

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The Television Critics Association holds their national press tour twice a year for networks and cable companies to present their shows for the upcoming season. Reporters from all over the country gather in Pasadena, CA to preview films and listen to panels. Life on Four Strings had the honor of being featured during the PBS showcase at this year’s Winter Press Tour.

 photo 83dc029b-5adb-41c7-aeae-4732dd917539_zps6054566f.jpg
I got to get fancy for the press!

 photo 56052074-0aaa-496e-a59e-320433c88900_zps1c18e4f4.jpg
Photo by Rahoul Ghose/PBS
Jake treated the 70+ reporters in attendance to a performance following a short clip from the film.

 photo 8384333093_f881fcec9a_z_zpsdc62ab7b.jpg
Photo by Rahoul Ghose/PBS

 photo 51399e63-3845-4a12-8133-3ebca4500dd9_zps0f079686.jpg
Photo by Rahoul Ghose/PBS

 photo 5d980b65-3c89-4143-ab77-90d0af40c026_zpsb152120b.jpg
Jake continued to talk with reporters in the lobby after the panel was finished.

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The day was capped off with a great meal at Arroyo Chop House, which was capped off with this souffle.