December 17, 2013

CAAM Interview about Gotham

Photo by Aaron Yoshinio
Momo Chang from CAAM recently interviewed me about the Gotham Awards.  You can read the interview HERE.

December 4, 2013

Life on Four Strings wins the Gotham Audience Award!

As a result of all your votes, Life on Four Strings won the Gotham Film Audience Award! Cindy and I had a great time at the awards ceremony and the win was totally unexpected. Thank you for all your help mobilizing our community to vote and spread the word. Many of you have been backing me since day one and I really wouldn't be making films if it were not for all your love and support.

We got some ink in Variety but only as an example of how bad 12 Years of Slave did at the Gotham Awards, hilarious!

Geeked that I got to meet one of my favorite actors Mike B. Jordan. I’ve been a fan since he was Wallace in The Wire and Friday Night Lights just sealed the deal. He won the Breakthrough Actor Award that night for his lead role as Oscar Grant in Fruitvale Station.

Talk about geeked, Cindy was screaming inside while meeting her idol Rashida Jones.

Got to meet Director Ryan Coogler who won Breakthrough Director Award for this film Fruitvale Station.

Jake was in NYC but couldn't make it to the awards ceremony because he was performing with Paul Simon at a fundraiser that night. I got to catch up with him and his manager Chris the next day.